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Franchise Operations Manuals and Training Programs

A Franchise Operations Manual incorporating information essential to the initial and ongoing operations of a franchise serves several very important functions in a franchise system.  The franchise manual acts as:

A typical franchise operations manual (sometimes divided into multiple manual documents) will be substantial in length and should contain photos demonstrating the franchisor’s standards of operations.  The development of a good manual can take many hours that you don’t have to spend. Eagle Franchising and Business Services can produce this document for you through consultation with you at your location, greatly reducing the time you will need to spend away from your day to day operations. For a good quality manual, the entire drafting process takes us about 2-3 months to complete. As you complete changes in your business processes and procedures, the manual should also be periodically revised as necessary to remain applicable.

In addition to Operations Manuals, Eagle Franchising and Business Services can work with you on the development of formal training programs for franchisees.  These training programs are designed to help the franchisor consistently train franchisees (using the Franchise Operations Manual as a textbook) – and are most valuable for companies with more aggressive growth plans. A typical franchisee training program will include documented training procedures and more importantly, on-site activities and hands-on training procedures.

In addition to Franchise Operations Manuals and Training Programs, Eagle Franchising and Business can also develop:

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