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The Need for Outside Independent Counsel

Eagle Franchising and Business Services will prepare a Franchise agreement for you based on the decisions made during the franchise planning stage. This document will reflect the items that the franchisee must adhere to in the establishment and ongoing management of the franchise.  However, we strongly advise that you seek independent and expert legal representation to review the franchise agreement before signing with a franchisee.

By contracting with an experienced franchise law firm from the start, you:

For these reasons, Eagle Franchising and Business Services does not provide legal representation, but instead always recommends the use of independent counsel. Eagle Franchising and Business Services  coordinates all activities of its members with outside counsel to provide you with a seamless approach to the development of your franchise program, but does not participate in legal fees collected by outside counsel, allowing objectivity in its recommendations of legal counsel.

Franchising Disclosure Document

The Disclosure Document is required by Manitoba law to be provided to the Franchisee no later than 14 days prior to the signing of the Franchise Agreement.  The Provider will require the client to provide the content necessary to develop this document.  Refer to the Manitoba Franchises Act and Regulations available on the Government of Manitoba website for the specific details required.  The document must contain at a minimum the following:

Franchise Operations Manual

A Franchise Operations Manual incorporating information essential to the initial and ongoing operations of a franchise serves several very important functions in a franchise system.  The franchise manual acts as:

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